Eckart Roettger , President Vacuum Technique Service

Eckart Roettger, President Vacuum Technique Service

About Stokes

The Stokes Vacuum brand was founded in 1895 and was instrumental in the development of vacuum technology. 

From its Vacuum Dryer launch in 1907, through the first Piston Pump that debuted in 1903, and onto its star Microvac line that was released in the 1950s, 60s and 90s, its products have stood the test of time.

Even through several acquisitions, including EIS Group in 1987, TI Group in 1997, Smith Group in 1999 and finally Edwards in 2001, the Stokes brand has remained strong and to this day, is recognized world-wide as an industrial vacuum brand of choice.

Edwards has continued to expand the Stokes brand in the US with the opening of a Service Center in Glenwillow, Ohio in 2014 and a current investment into City of Industry California, with a brand new service facility that opened in January 2019.