Proven Performance | Microvac Pumps & Boosters

  The most efficient and reliable rotary piston pumps. Now improved, upgraded and fine-tuned, promising to deliver optimal performance with minimal maintenance and low operating costs. Leveraging decades of engineering design evolution to deliver reduced noise, improved sealing and a robust performance, with minimal maintenance and low operation cost.  


Stokes Microvac Rotary Piston Pumps

A self-contained, oil-sealed rotary piston pump, with low rotation and large clearances to achieve a longer life cycle. A new encapsulated valve design, improved O-ring sealing areas and enclosed fan-cooled motor ensures lower noise, lower power and extended service intervals for customers.

Slow rotational speed reduces wear for longer life and offers greater ability to handle particulate applications. An integral oil distribution system eliminates external piping and provides leak-free operation in a stylized design. 

  • Duplex Piston Arrangement

  • External Counterbalance

  • Three Bearing Design / O-Ring Seals

  • Encapsulated Valve Deck

  • Integrated Rebuild Capability

  • Slow Rotational Speed

  • Full Pumps Speed to 1 Torr

  • Low Ultimate Vacuum


Stokes 6" Mechanical Booster PUMPS

Designed to be used in conjunction with rotary piston, dry vacuum, rotary vane, liquid ring, or on the inlet of the backing pump to create a compact integrated package. When coupled with one our pumps, the Stokes 6" mechanical boosters increase pumping speed at working pressures and significantly reduce pump down time.

Available in bare-shaft or direct drive motor variants, horizontal or vertical gas flow and with a single mechanical seal or a Process Isolation variant with 5 mechanical seals for optimum protection from dust and particulate contamination in arduous applications. By-pass variants are also available, which eliminate the need for pressure switches making the 6” Series one of the most versatile and flexible boosters.

  • Robust

  • Increased Lifetime, Reliability & Simple to Use

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Increased Productivity

  • Configured for Your Needs

  • Simple to Service




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